10 June 2010

Apple to Control Them All - Please!

Most thrilling reading at The Motley Fool: Say Goodbye to the Mac You Know, makes perfect sense. The latest Apple operating system - renamed as iOS - for iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch can later be used with next generation iMacs and MacBooks, too.

Looking at Apple history there is a clear track record for Apple to stand out and above the competition with hardware. Using Intel processors for a while gave advantage to Apple: more robust development tools and knowledge, lower cost hardware manufacturing, easier to attract new users with Windows compatibility.

Switching to Apple's own A4 processor will return full control to Apple. This time Apple had time and money to create their own (better) system, while everyone else was trying to catch up with Apple's usability experience.

Future might be WebKit, JavaScript and some version of HTML5. However bigger impact will be possibility to use familiar iPhone applications in your iMac, too! Why stop at iPad and iPhone "Retina Display"? Screen is a screen is a screen, be it any size at all!

Apple has users, Apple has developers, Apple has markets. Who cares about Windows on desktop, who cares about Symbian or Android on mobile: it's all about users and applications!