27 February 2009

Working at home: Work or Home?

I've met many people who say they want to work at home. The first silent question in my mind is: do you want to work or do you want to stay at home?

Those few, who actually have worked at home, have some common advices. Make it serious, either by ritual (walk around the house before and afterwards, setup your gear, change clothes) and/or create a special place dedicated for work. Yes, you can work in the corner of your bedroom, but then it has to be more than "just a corner".

Lifehacker tells about Mitch Haile, who is very serious. He's definitely working at home, check his FAQ! Contains much more than just a detailed description of his office, how did he built it and what's in there.

I've done both, stayed at home and worked at home. Some rituals, some special arrangements - and lots of peaceful night time without interruptions.