12 March 2009

Nokia 5030 - with Internal Radio Antenna

Both extremely fascinating and extremely silly "Nokia 5030" video, released by Nokia Conversations. Could be Nokia "techno marketing" department, great blog anyway.

Video storyboard:
  • 30 secs technology
  • 25 secs usability
  • 20 secs market research
  • Last minute ridiculous use case how The Lonely Hero goes on Deserted Sunny Beach, sends text message to His Friends, who immediately arrive and setup a Spontaneous Party - because the radio "sound quality is so great".
Got to love that stuff! Hats of to the lady, who had the guts to present the last minute!

Finally a mobile phone radio with internal antenna! I used to be active DXer (shortware listening), when I had more time. This is a feature I would like to see in smartphones.