01 April 2009

Dell - Different kind of MVNO

Mobile and Netbooks are converging, but not only from mobile side. Nokia might be considering netbooks, but now it's also Dell who is considering going mobile.

First Dell attempt got delayed, due mobile handset design issues. The next plan is to drop handsets completely - no handsets, no design, no problem! Dell is planning to become a Japanese MVNO, offering network access for it's netbooks (with built-in HSPA cards).

Think about the benefits of MVNO without handsets: reuse netbook marketing material, avoid tough mobile handset markets, minimal dealing with operators, create a customer base for future handsets, stand ahead of other netbook manufacturers.

Operators are already offering netbooks with USB sticks, also Amazon Kindle has been doing something like this in USA. Dell becoming a MVNO is still an ingenious idea!