15 April 2009

Nokia 5800 is now 3+ Millions

Congratulations to Nokia, for shipping 3+ million Nokia 5800 devices (as reported by SymbianFeak, and later corrected)! Congratulations to operators for reasonable pricing! Congratulations to users for adopting such a wonderful device!

My personal experience with Nokia 5800 has been a bit slow. I've used Nokia devices for last 10+ years, pretty natural for Finns. The user experience has been smooth and steady, reliable. When you learn the "Nokia UI" in one device, you can use any device. Changes between devices and platforms has always been moderate.

Nokia 5800 is different. It's not their first touch device, I did try Nokia 7710 a while, as well as its ancestors Psion 3/5 devices. Have also iPod Touch, as a reference device. The difference is that 5800 is designed to be used by one hand. Took a while to realize that, but since then it's been a pleasure.