20 April 2009

Oracle sees Sun, gets dazzled?

For weeks IBM was supposed to buy Sun, so newspapers told us. The deal went dead and - just four days after - it's suddenly Oracle. What does Oracle foresee?

Discussions between Big Blue and Sun were rumoured for a long time, nothing about Oracle. Even at last moments, Sun board made a public offer to continue the discussions. The price Oracle pays is about same as IBM's turned down offer - but why? Is Sun is a situation where they absolutely need the money, must merger or what?

The start is not the best. IBM sure looked like candidate Number 1, which would make Oracle only second best. Bad for morale and motivation. Furthermore Oracle is still dissolving BEA Systems (Jan 2008), Hyperion (Mar 2007) and PeopleSoft (Dec 2004, hostile takeover). There might be some turbulance in foreseen future!

Interesting to see what happens to Mobile Java and Java FX.